The Mother of All Living

The Mother of All Living

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As I learn more about our first mother, I have come to understand that Eve's choice to partake of the fruit wasn't quick or naively done. When Adam was presented with his wife and asked what he would call her, she was given a name and a title that would define the measure of her creation. Eve was to be "the mother of all living", yet in that paradisiacal state she could not fulfill her divine calling. As I have studied about mother Eve I have come to gain a greater appreciation for all that she was willing to sacrifice. Eve gave up being in God's immediate presence to become a mother. Her decision was made with faith that a loving Heavenly Father and would provide a way for her and her posterity to be worthy to come back into his presence. And so he did in our Savior Jesus Christ. 
I have thought long and hard about how I wanted to portray Mother Eve. I wanted to create an image that represented her faith, devotion, courage, love and humility. I wanted to portray the level of pondering and love that went into her decision. I also wanted to create an image that allowed every woman to see herself as she contemplated the magnitude of what this noble woman did for us. We know Eve to be the first women who walked on the earth, but we also know that she is to symbolize us as well. Like our first mother, we too learn to sacrifice on this earth in order to fulfill our divine potential.


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