Experience It For Yourself 

Each session we offer is as unique as the individual we are photographing.  We are not just taking your picture, we are cultivating an experience unlike any you have had before. No matter who you are or what session you are participating in, you will leave confident in the knowledge that YOU are a gorgeous human being inside and out! 


What to expect..... 

Upon booking your session your photographer will send you all the information you will need for the day of your shoot.  This info includes everything from wardrobe, to prep for hair and makeup, and other tips that will help you feel settled and confident the day of your session.  It is our job and goal to make sure you feel as prepared as possible so you can relax and enjoy your time with us! 

Upon arriving, you will be greeted and then placed in the capable hands of our expert hair and makeup artist.  This is a time for you to relax and enjoy your time to be pampered.  

Once hair and makeup are completed, and you have gotten into wardrobe, you will be guided through a portrait session unlike any you have every experienced.  This is where the real fun begins!  Don't worry if you feel like you are awkward in front of the camera.  We make it our job to ease you through the session by guiding you from pose to pose, making your time in front of the camera comfortable and fun! 


It isn't over .... 

We encourage all of our clients to schedule a night out with their significant other or girlfriends as you are going to look and feel amazing.  You aren't going to want your session to end! 

At the conclusion of your session we will schedule your viewing and ordering session!  At this session you will review your images and make your product selections with our guidance!  This session is almost as fun as your portrait session as you finally get to see the how it all came together!  


What can I expect with the sTorybook session?  

The Storybook sessions are very much like our glamour portrait sessions.  We work closely with the parents of the child to determine which wardrobe will be appropriate.  Often times clients will bring in their own wardrobe with suggestions from the photographer.  However we also offer an array of wardrobe pieces and accessories for our little clients to choose from!  

The Storybook session also includes hair and makeup.  We offer both in Studio and location options for our Storybook sessions as well.  These sessions do not last as long as our Adult sessions as we all know our little ones don't always have the attention span that we might.  

Like our other sessions, you will be sent a file with instructions to prepare for your session so that things have the best chance at running smoothly 


Making the Most of Your High School Senior Experience....  

Heather and Alexia have specialized in High School seniors for more than 8 years!  We are know all to well that this year is not only important, it is going to fly by!  It is our job to make sure that we capture the essence of not only who you are now, but who you are becoming!  Our Senior Sessions are not just about pretty pictures ( though we know that is important)!  It is about creating a session that is UNIQUELY YOURS

WHAT TO expect..... 

We start by sending you an online PDF of what you can expect for the day of your session and how to prepare.  In order for us to do what we are setting out to do we ask that all of our seniors book at least two weeks in advance so that we have time to check out wardrobe, scout locations, and get everything ready.  We also have a short questionnaire we ask you to fill out in order to better help us understand you, and to help us know how we can best set you at ease during your time with us.  We also ask that you text or email us any wardrobe choices you are considering so that we can help you narrow down and make selections that will photograph in a way that leaves you feeling awesome!  Wardrobe is also a HUGE determining factor in our location choices.  

When the day of your session arrives, you will come in at the appointed time to get ready with our expert hair and makeup artist!  This is a time for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us just a bit before we go out.  Once hair and makeup is done, if a yearbook portrait is being taken we will do that first thing before we  head out to our location.  

We want you to know that PARENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME join us on our shoots, but we do ask that you hang out behind the scenes so that we can get the most genuine and relaxed experience from your Senior as possible!  These sessions can be such a blast and they are definitely a place where memories are made! 

Upon completion of the session, we will schedule a time for you to come back for the reveal and ordering session!  These sessions typically three weeks after the initial portrait session.