Behind The Lens.... Heather and Alexia

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.

That quote right there, yeah.. that is Heather and I!  We have known each other for 7 years and through it all we have been each others cheerleader! We meet on a random shoot in CA... I am not even sure how we connected like we did! It was a stylized wedding shoot I was doing with a few other vendors and I needed a hair and makeup artist for my models.  One of the vendors said "Hey, I know a gal..." and so it happened..  BAM, Instant buds! ( in Heathers words).  Seriously, we got on so well she moved into my studio soon after that and we have been a team ever since!   Sounds a lot like a bromance doesn't it?  Except we are chicks! 

   Heather and I worked together in California for another year  before the sad day came when I broke the news that I was moving back to my home state of Idaho!  I tried to convince her that she needed to come with me, but ... sadly, she stayed!  Our friendship stayed alive and well though during the five years we were separated!  Heather built a salon and continued to build her stirling reputation in California while I.... well to be honest I struggled a bit here in Idaho without her!  Don't get me wrong.. I had plenty of work and I have worked with some really great stylists... but there is something about the way Heather and I think and work together that makes our work unique! 

   Over the next five years we would get together once a year or so to work on a project.  Heather came to Idaho a few times and I went back to California.  Then came the day I got a text... 

H: " Hey, my parents are looking at houses in Idaho..." 

A: " Don't tease me like that..." 

H: "No seriously... "    

... and serious she was!  Where Heather's parents went, so did she and her family!  Five months later she was here, in the wonderful state of Idaho... and it felt like I had my other half back!  

Going back to that quote.. part of what makes Heather and I so great together is we both believe in the importance of empowering other women.  We both take our job to help others see themselves as the gorgeous, amazing human beings that they are seriously!  We love this business and we love the people we get to work with!  

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