" The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world

That quote, the one you just read... that is Heather and I!  We have been friends for over seven years now and through it all have remained true!  We met on a photoshoot in California.  I was putting together a stylized wedding shoot and one of the vendors asked if I had a hair and makeup artist... which of course I did not.  She made a suggestion and so it began.  I don't remember much about our first encounter other than the fact that I had found my soul mate!  Our brains seemed to be in total sinc!  I had never met another creative who could read my mind the way Heather did, and vice versa... seriously people it was total magic!  In my mind ( and in truth) I had bet the most talented makeup artist in the world and she was like my other half!  

Heather and I worked for a year or so together on many amazing projects!  We ran a modeling event together, we created together, we photographed high school seniors together, we helped women feel amazing and gorgeous together!  It was an incredible year!  And then... and then I moved to Idaho!  Oh how I wanted her to come with me!  I knew we would only get better as time went on... but that isn't how life works is it... I moved and Heather stayed in California!  

Over the next five years Heather and I remained in contact, cheering each other on from afar.  I admit... I did not quite feel like my old creative self without her genius along side of me.  About once a year Heather would come and visit or I would head to CA and we would create more work together, all of which was awesome!  Then the day came... I got a text... 

H: "My parents are going to Idaho to look at houses..." 

L: "No they aren't... don't tease me like that"

H:  " No seriously, they are..."  And where her parents went... Heather and her family followed!  

So now, here we are 5 years after my move to my home state of Idaho.  7 Years after meeting this amazing and talented woman!  We have cried together, created together, got frustrated together... and we are here building a business together again!  

Part of what makes us such a unique team is that we understand where the other comes from and we believe in the same goal...we work hard to make sure that everyone who walks through our door feels like they too deserve the world!